In highschool I put my lips up to the mic for the first time, and I haven't stopped singing since.”

— Rob Watts

The Story

Rob Watts is from a small farm town called Dalston ON.
His love for country music began at a young age, as he recalls his dad always having it on at the cottage.
Rob revisits how he came into the world of music; "When I was 10, I played guitar for 2 months, then got bored with it, and eventually dropped it all together. Some years went by, and I found myself playing my stepdad's old Fender Stratocaster every day when I'd get home from school. Teaching myself how to play basic chords, and I really got addicted to it. Guitar turned into drums, drums turned into piano, piano back to guitar, and in high school I put my lips to the mic for the first time, and I haven't stopped singing since."

Formed in May of 2015, the members of the band are humbled to have played well over 100 shows, including opening for artists such as Aaron Pritchett, Jason McCoy & The Road Hammers, Bobby Wills, Cold Creek County, River Town Saints, Dan Davidson and more, as well as playing festivals all over Ontario.
The "Rob Watts Band" pride themselves on a high energy, crowd-involved, live performance and put their own spin on what's now considered modern country music by highlighting some of the key elemental instruments used in classic country, while keeping the tempo up, and the songs catchy and fun.  

2018 will be a big year for Rob and the band, as they enter negotiations to play bigger and better shows and festivals every day.
Look for them around Ontario at festivals this coming summer, "Like" the Facebook page and follow the band on Instagram @ "Rob Watts Music"

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